“Having a Ball in Teviot”

As Fresher’s Week drew to a close, I joined many visiting students and freshers in attending the Fresher’s Ball, which was held in Teviot. Each bar within Teviot was beautifully decorated and open to explore during the night. One room had a real casino, another had live music and a chocolate fondue fountain, and yet another had a large dance floor. This was my first time inside Teviot, and I was amazed. My friends and I gathered in the library bar which is often considered “the heart and hub of Teviot”; the room has magnificent wood bookshelves that line the walls and a balcony from which you can look down into the main room. I enjoyed the environment of the bar which also included the people around me; I was amazed by the beauty of the students’ long gowns, handsome tuxedos, and traditional Scottish kilts. 




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