Il fine settimana in Italia!

Last weekend, I met my friend Mikaela (who is studying abroad in Madrid) in Italy! We had both wanted to go to Italy during this semester and we definitely wanted to visit one another, so we planned a rendezvous in Italy. I have my Italian family roots and my five years of studying italian to thank for the creation for my love of Italy, and I was thrilled to go to Pisa, Cinque Terre, and Milan. I had been to eastern and central Italy about four years ago, but I had not been to Pisa, Cinque Terre or Milan. When I arrived in Pisa on Thursday night, Mikaela and I went to see the legendary Tower of Pisa. The famous tower is the “campanile” or bell tower for the adjacent Duomo and Battistero in Pisa, and I learned that the lengthy construction of the tower took place from its initiation in 1173 to its final completion in 1372. After walking around the Piazza del Duomo, we enjoyed our first delicious Italian meal!



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