“Winning London”

That night, Kevin and I continued our exploration of London by walking to see the hustle and bustle in Piccadilly Circle, which has been compared to Times Square in New York. (But, there’s nothing like the outstanding Times Square.)

(Photo I took of Piccadilly Circle.)

We also saw Nelson’s column in Trafalger Square, which honors the important British naval Admiral Horatio Nelson who died in the Battle of Trafalger against the French and Spanish in 1805. From Trafalger Square, Kevin and I walked along the Thames to see the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, which were all lit up at night.

(Photos I took, of the London Eye across the Thames and of Big Ben.)

The next day, Kevin and I continued our London tour by visiting Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Harrods and Covent Garden. In the afternoon, we met our cousin Jack who lives in London. The three of us took the tube (that is, the Underground) to Camden Town, where I enjoyed walking around the Camden markets. Camden Market is “London’s most popular open-air market area” and has numerous stalls, thift shops, restaurants and food vendors. I bought a bright fashion scarf at one stall and enjoyed ‘getting lost’ in Camden Market. Interestingly, the largest portion of Camden Market is in Stables Market, in the vast complex of the former Pickfords stable and horse hospital. (Pickfords is an English moving company that used horse-drawn wagons in London as early as 1695.)

(Jack, Kevin, and I at a Moroccan restaurant in Camden Market.)

Later that day, Kevin and I enjoyed an elegant Italian dinner at a restaurant along the Thames, and we walked across the London Bridge and the magnificent Tower Bridge (which was all lit up and reminded me of Cinderella’s magical castle in Disney World). On our final day in London (and our final day together in the UK), we went to Mass near our hotel in the City of London, enjoyed an extravagant brunch buffet at our luxurious hotel (thanks to Kevin for being a successful older brother!), and walked to the historic Tower of London. I really enjoyed my weekend in London, and I am so glad that Kevin came to the UK during my semester abroad!

(Kevin at the Tower of London.)


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