Salisbury Crags and Cider

Last Thursday night (25 October, the date in the British format of course!), a group of my Georgetown and Penn friends and I set out to climb the Salisbury Crags. The Salisbury Crags are series of cliffs that stand 151 feet tall near Holyrood Park to the east of the city of Edinburgh; they are adjacent to Arthur’s Seat, which in comparison stands 823 feet tall. (For more on Arthur’s Seat, check out my 24 September blog post!).

In the background, Salisbury Crags is on the left, and Arthur’s Seat is on the right.

Although the Crags have a significantly shorter height than Arthur’s Seat, I found the path up the Crags and along the Crags to be narrower and more tricky. The fact that we climbed the Crags at night definitely didn’t make our climb any easier, but my handy-dandy flashlight did assist our climb.  At the edge of the Crags, I had a magnificent view of the city of Edinburgh. This was a veyr different perspective of the city that I had viewed from the top of Arthur’s Seat, due to the location on top of the Crags and due to the darkness of the evening. One of the Scottish landmarks I spotted from the Crags was the Edinburgh Castle on the Royal Mile.

A group of friends and I (on left) on the Salisbury Crags.

After admiring the beautiful view of Edinburgh from the top of the Salisbury Crags, my group of friends made a toast. For the toast, I popped open a can of Magners Irish Cider, a tasty drink that my friend Rachel and I have come to love during our time in Scotland. The two of us have sampled several different brands including Magners or Bulmers, Gaymers, Strongbow, and Kopparberg, and several different flavors including classic apple, pear, and strawberry lime. As I was not very familiar with cider before my time in Scotland, I looked up the popularity of  ciders in the United States; during my search, I found an interesting news article that was published on 22 October 2012 in the Independent, a British daily newspaper. The article includes that companies such as Heineken and Carlsberg have started to invest in making ciders because the popularity of cider in the U.S. is growing. (Thats good news for Rach and I returning to the U.S. in 2013!). The production and purchasing of ciders in the U.S. are certainly not overpowering that of beer, but the cider market is expanding. The article also includes that “the sweeter taste of cider, with a similar alcohol level to beer, may appeal to women and drinkers seeking novelty”. The article includes quotes from the chief executive officer of the Dublin-based C&C group (which produces Magners and Gaymers ciders) in which he says “sweet” and “natural” cider “appeals to the Coke generation”, and he says cider is “a unisex beer”. All I can say is that I’m a new fan of cider, and I hope that this trend of cider production and purchasing in the U.S. continues!

Interested in cider, feel free to read more about cider in the U.S.!


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