Bring It On with EUBC!

On Wednesday November 28th, my club basketball team played Stirling in Edinburgh, which was my last EUBC game of the semester! My teammates and I had actually played the Stirling team back in October in Stirling, and we had beat them; we were excited to take Stirling on again on our home court in the Edinburgh University Center for Sport and Exercise (the ‘Cse’). DSCN4444My teammates are mostly full-time students at Edinburgh, but my friend Christine and I are visiting students for the semester, and we were particularly pumped up for our last game with EUBC.

My team soared to victory over Stirling’s first team with a final score of 87-39. Not bad, eh? It has been so fun to play basketball this semester, and I’m so glad I joined because I met so many awesome girls on my team and so many fun girls and guys on the other teams in EUBC. After the game, we took a ‘classic’ team photo with our coach, Jovan, who is a graduate student at the university.



rushAfter the game, my teammates and I went out to celebrate our victory and our undefeated fall season that put us at the top of our league!
DSCN4449Some of the girls from the EUBC first team and some of the guys on the first and seconds teams joined us at Rush Bar. As I’ve mentioned before, I really like the girls on the team, and they are friends that I have made who I will definitely stay in touch with (thanks for Facebook!). This was a fun night to celebrate my friendships with teammates and with other players in EUBC!



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