Flatmate Fun

In the past two weeks, I planned a few fun meals with my flatmates; although I have been living with the four of them, the five of us have our own class schedules and groups of friends in Edinburgh, and we agreed we needed some Flat 11 time to hang out and catch up!

edinburgh hard rockTwo of my flatmates and I decided to go out for a flatmate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe on George Street Edinburgh. Zoe, Ingvild, and I had all been to a Hard Rock in our own countries before (Cyprus, Norway, and the U.S.), and we decided it would be fun to have an ‘American’ meal there for our flatmate dinner! I loved my goat cheese chicken salad sandwich and french fries (not ‘chips’, ya’ll)… definitely was a little slice of America for me.
DSCN44422I really enjoyed chatting with Ingvild and Zoe and getting to know them better; we talked about school, family, and friends, and I learned that Ingvild dreams of putting her International Relations degree toward working at the United Nations and that Zoe hope to put her Painting and Fine Arts degree toward pursuing a career in art in NYC and London. Of course, I chimed in that I didn’t know what I want to do with my life after graduation, but that I’m interested in going into education, non-profits, management, marketing, publishing… hey, I’m twenty years old and a career decision is a big one!

DSCN2893_2Also in the past two weeks, I got lunch at a ‘tattie shop’ with Ingvild. (For your American reference, a tattie is a baked potato stuffed with a filling of your choice!) We went to The Baked Potato Shop, right off the Royal Mile on Cockburn Street. The shop’s storefront bears the tagline “Hottie Tattie in Town” and had caught my eye back in September, when I was first getting to know Edinburgh. I had stopped in for a tattie once before I went with Ingvild, and I was excited to introduce her to delicious filled tatties.
On my first trip, I got a tattie filled with spinach salad with kidney beans, olives peppers, which I enjoyed a lot! DSCN4487The picture shows my tattie, which was supposedly small but really was anything but small, as it was chock full of goodness! And on my second trip to The Baked Potato Shop, I chose a tattie filled with a greek salad with feta cheese, which was delicious!! The Baked Potato Shop is offers small, medium, and large potatoes with one or two hot or cold fillings–which include salads, salsas, hummus, hot chili and baked beans! There are a few ‘tattie shops’ in Edinburgh that exclusively sell filled potatoes, but tatties (either mashed potatoes or full baked potatoes) are also a extremely common side dish with Scottish meals. One of the most ‘Scottish’ meals is actually haggis, neeps and tatties–which is haggis, cooked turnips, and mashed potatoes. [As an aside, I have had haggis four times this semester, and I actually do like it.]

Going out for American and Scottish food with my flatmates in the past two weeks has been both delicious and fun!!


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