Saying Goodbye to Scotland and the UK!

DSCN4837My last few hours in Edinburgh were full of packing up EVERYTHING in my dorm room into my two large suitcases. While I took down my Georgetown Hoyas banner, removed pictures from my walls, and emptied my closet, I thought about all the amazing things I had done and awesome trips I had taken during my semester in Europe. I snapped this picture of my bare room inside my flat in Kincaid’s Court after I had packed up everything.

After saying goodbye to my flatmates, I threw my chock-full suitcases into a cab and headed to the Edinburgh airport.
My suitcases weighed in as “extra heavy”, but after checking my bags, I headed to the gate for my British Airways connection flight to London Heathrow. In London, I was able to meet my flatmate Ingvild in the British Airways terminal and say one last goodbye to her. She was heading home to Oslo, Norway for Christmas break, and I was heading back to America to return home in New Jersey and return to Georgetown in January. I’m glad Ingvild and I lived in the same flat, and I’m looking forward to staying in touch with her from across the Atlantic! Before we headed to our separate gates, we took one last picture in front of the beautifully lit Swarovski Christmas tree.




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